not as easy as I thought…stupid wood glue that’s meant to be really good has turned out to be really crap! There I was standing back to admire my handiwork and the fricken thing fell apart all of a sudden! Oh well, will glue the crap out of it this time!


Forgive the lack of posts these past few days…formatting a comic book is very time consuming…what typeface to pick…what size…where to place it in union with the image…plenty to keep me out of trouble…for now!

never thought the day would come! am finally finished all the pencilling, inking and colouring! will be adding my dialogue to the piece then its ready for print! am really looking forward to seeing it in its final glory…god bless full time comic book artists…its hard work!!

not joking…seriously sore arms and hands from all the drawing and colouring in…kindergarten kids have nothing on me!!! ok am halfway through the colouring, am uploading them at the mo for anyone who wants a gawk….(wiping of sweaty brow and a sigh) keep her goin lads!!!

I will upload my experiment colour sheets in the next few days. In the meantime I’ve uploaded the first four of the final colour style I’m going with. I’ve a few tweaks to add along with the dialogue obviously but that’s how it should look in the end!

giddy up!!

can’t believe we’re so close to the finishing line…I can smell my beloved gin and tonic already!

aaaaghhh!! ok am experimenting a bit with how I want the colour to look…lots of colour or a little?? I’ll soon find out!